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Dream Performance

Subaru Forester SH5 SH9 (08-12) Street and Track Suspension

Subaru Forester SH5 SH9 (08-12) Street and Track Suspension

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SUBARU Forester SH5-9(08-12) 

36way Street performance Suspension

 Fully Adjustable Height
36 Click Damper Setting
 Monotube Construction

Front:8KG Rear:6KG

The Dream Performance suspension is the optimal choice for street use and occasional spirited driving. If you have a modified car that occasionally sees the track, this suspension is what you need for a stylish, performance-driven, and comfortable ride. Featuring 36 clicks of damping adjustment, it allows for adjustability from comfort to extreme road conditions. Built with monotube construction technology, the shocks are highly effective at dissipating heat, making them ideal for both street and occasional track use.
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